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Here's a brief word of advice to movie marketers regarding the evolution of the movie poster in the last decade or so: just because Photoshop exists, does not mean you have to overuse it. Of course it’s going to get used for some touching up and to add some neat text and whatnot, but poorly superimposing the heads of your actors on to body doubles is not the proper application of the program.

Unfortunately for them, that’s exactly what the marketing team behind X-Men: First Class have done with this atrocious excuse for a one sheet. Not only are most of their heads disproportionate to their bodies, but it would seem that the person or persons behind this poster only recently started learning about the most remedial application of standard reflections.

If the poster you release is going to look this bad, at least put Rose Byrne and January Jones in the foreground to distract us from James McAvoy’s “Come Hither” stare. Would it really have been that hard to put the actors in these poses and snap actual pictures of them? Call me old fashioned. The excessive Photoshop plight is spreading rapidly throughout Hollywood marketing, but there is a solution-- stop it. Just cut it out. Thanks to Empire, who agree this is Photoshop gone wrong, for the poster.

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