After the success of Valentine’s Day, it should be no surprise that director Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) and New Line are returning to the same formula for New Year’s Eve. They’ve managed to rally most of Hollywood to show up, a few are returning from V-Day, to star in a multi-branch story that ultimately all ties together at the end and everyone winds up happy.

Below you can see the first trailer for New Year’s Eve from MSN and as long as you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day you’re going to be in for a treat. It doesn’t seem to have set apart too far from the path set by its predecessor, but since Glee’s Lea Michele makes an appearance, expect a little bit more singing.

As far as romantic comedies go, Valentine’s Day isn’t one that was trouble to sit through with your girlfriend. It’s pretty funny, it’s feel-good, and manages to spin a pretty decent, entertaining story. New Year’s Eve seems like it’ll be pretty much the same thing, so when December 9th rolls around and your lady inevitably tries to coerce into seeing it with her, surprise her by simply saying yes and enjoy what will probably be a fluffy, easy movie that you’ll walk away from with a little smile on your face.

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