I'm almost to the point of believing that the marketing for X-Men: First Class is some kind of bizarre joke. The terrible, absurd-looking posters have been one thing-- hey, not everybody learns how not to abuse Photoshop-- but what really seems ridiculous is the amount of trailers that just find their way online without any fanfare, nearly all of them featuring new footage that seems to be slapped in at random. Every trailer has followed the same basic structure, introducing us to Erik and Xavier as young men and showing flashes of action scenes, and are so alike that you'd think there's nothing new to see. Except then, about a minute in, there's some awesome new shot of someone in a yellow suit jumping out of a plane, and you realize someone has gone to the work of cutting a new trailer, only to have the video show up online without any announcement or warning.

The latest example is what's apparently an international trailer-- though it's entirely in English, without subtitles-- that was uploaded to YouTube by 20th Century Fox; you can watch it embedded below. Stick around through what looks like the same trailer for some new action shots, set to the same bombastic music and ending on the same dialogue between Professor X and Magneto. I can't figure out why they're just reusing the same structure and putting in new snippets of scenes, and I really can't figure out why there hasn't been another official domestic trailer since the first debuted well over two months ago. The movie comes out on June 3; what, exactly, are they waiting for?

Check out the new-ish trailer below and share my confusion.

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