I get that there's such a thing as a slow-burn marketing campaign, especially for a movie that's packed with special effects and is intended as a studio tentpole. But given that the teaser trailer for M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender was released in June, I was expecting the next trailer to hit at some point before the next snowfall.

But according to Frank Marshall, one of the film's producers, that's precisely the plan. He posted on his Twitter feed "For those of you wondering about LAST AIRBENDER, all is well in post and we r working on a trailer for Xmas..." I guess the Christmas date makes sense, given how the theaters are packed with kids in a way they aren't any time but the holidays and summer. But how will we figure out if this is another Shyamalan bomb or something good? Internet gossip demands food, Mr. Marshall, and you are not providing.

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