Ghost Rider is one of those odd movies that was surprisingly successful but seems to have very little staying power. I don’t think I know a single person who actually saw the flick and if they did, I’m almost certain they don’t remember much of it. So while it was at once certain that Nic Cage’s superhero movie would get a sequel, things are no longer looking so sure.

According to MTV, Cage isn’t even positive that he’ll be involved. When asked about his involvement in the sequel, he said, “Yeah, well I don’t really know how to answer that because I don’t have all the details.” He continued, “You probably know more about it then I do.” In fact, Cage says that he hasn’t heard anything about Ghost Rider 2, which will be penned by Batman vet David Goyer.

This sounds like another case of Superman Returns syndrome. It’s very likely that the movie will get lost in pre-production mumbo jumbo, and we’ll eventually forget that there was ever a first one. This is always a huge bummer for movies that were as good as Superman Returns, but honestly, is anyone going to care if they don’t get to see Johnny Blaze on the big screen again?

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