After viewing one particularly onerous clip from Nic Cage’s next movie Bangkok Dangeorus, I pronounced it the worst chase scene I’d ever watched. The clip looked like exactly what it probably really was: Nic Cage sitting and pointing his gun at nothing. He might very well have been holding a water pistol. There’s more to Bangkok Dangerous than just one awful clip though. Apparently the movie contains a bunch of very awful clips, or at least that’s usually what it means when a studio decides not to screen its movie for the press.

That’s what’s happening with Bangkok Dangerous. It opens on September 5th, and the folks at Lionsgate have been kind enough to spread the word that there are no plans to show Bangkok Dangerous to critics in advance. Credit to Lionsgate, for at least owning up to what they’re doing. There will be no press screenings, which means no way for critics to warn you that it sucks before you shell out money based on the cache of Nic Cage’s name.

Actually, there is one way for us to warn you. I’m doing it right now. Unless it’s a Mike Judge movie, not screened for the press almost always means the movie is so bad even the people who made it know the film is awful. If even they don’t like their movie, it’s unlikely you will either. Stay away.

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