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It's been a long, strange year for Kevin Smith, filled with his first directed-but-not-written feature Cop Out; the whole Southwest Airlines fiasco; his thoughts about film criticism; and his mission to get Red State, a fundamentalist horror film, made. Lost in all of those stories, though, was Hit Somebody, the hockey comedy that Smith wrote based on the Warren Zevon song of the same name. Originally set to star Seann William Scott, Smith put the project on ice when he decided to make Red State instead. Since then, Scott left the project (and moved on to another hockey comedy), leaving Smith looking for a new star. Apparently he has found one.

Via his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith has announced that actor Nicholas Braun will play Buddy McKracken, the lead role in Hit Somebody. Best known for his work on the former ABC Family show 10 Things I Hate About You, Braun recently played a role in Red State, making his path to the role very similar to Scott's, who had a role in Cop Out. Smith plans on shooting the film sometime late next year.

Though I can't attest to having watched 10 Things I Hate About You when it was on the air, one can assume that Smith knows what he's doing if he's just worked with the actor. From the sound of the podcast it doesn't seem as though there is any bad blood between the director and Seann William Scott, which is good to hear considering that they seemed to grow close after working together on their last film. Looks like we'll just have to wait for Red State to come out to see what Braun can do.

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