There isn’t a man alive who would sit through a Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation unless he was being guaranteed some action when he got back home. Nights in Rodanthe? The Notebook? Does anyone really think there's a man out there looking at his newspaper saying “hmmmm, let’s see, the new James Bond or that delightful Nicholas Sparks tale of love.” No, it’s the gals who keep Mr. Sparks books and movies rolling along. So, get ready ladies, you have another reason to drag a box of Kleenex to the local multiplex.

According to Variety, Warner Brothers has purchased the rights to “The Lucky One,” Sparks latest… um… novel. They paid him “seven figures,” which is more than a million dollars. That is about seven million dollars more than I would pay to see a Nicholas Sparks book turned into a movie. That’s right, I would pay negative six million dollars, which is not even a real amount of money. Warner Brothers has previously released Nights in Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle. They have a lot to atone for on the day of reckoning.

Sparks latest novel, and presumably the movie, are about a soldier just back from Iraq. He carried a woman’s picture around as a good luck charm and tries to find the woman since she is a stranger to him. I’m guessing they fall in love, but that’s just a wild stab. No writer, director, or stars have been announced, but look for this (if you’re a chick) in about two years or so.

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