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We've assumed for years that Samuel L. Jackson would appear as Nick Fury at some point in Thor and Captain America, setting up each hero's entrance into The Avengers and leading directly into next summer's giant superhero movie. Jackson then confirmed it earlier this year, talking about the cameos for both films he had yet to shoot. But just in case you were unsure, just in case you need photographic evidence of Nick Fury face-to-face with Steve Rogers, set photos from what looks like Captain America reshoots have appeared online. Yes, there are no surprises any more in this world.

Comic Book Movie received a bunch of reader-submitted images from the shoot that took place in Times Square yesterday-- when you're shooting anything in Times Square, you pretty much have to count on fans gawking, so I'm guessing they weren't aiming for total secrecy here. Given that Captain America comes out in just three months, I'm guessing Nick Fury will be popping up after the credits the way he did for Iron Man. In a way that's kind of disappointing-- the post-credits stingers are supposed to be at least a little surprising-- but I'm also relieved we won't see half the movie devoted to The Avengers, like what happened to Iron Man 2.

Check out the best of the images below, and if you want more, click on it to see the full collection at Comic Book Movie.

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