Hoping for some new and unique ideas to come out of the zombie community in the next few years?! Well sorry to burst your bubble kids, but Night if the Living Dead: Origins will be put a stop to any of that.

Against the hopes of Romero fans, Zebediah de Soto's DEBUT film will move forward and has just added a few names to the voice cast... yes, voice cast. This remake will be done entirely in CG says the director, who seems to already have a Hollywood sized ego about himself and his bound-to-be-shitty film.

“I wanted to make this look like a living Monet; it's expressionism," De Soto said. "It's going to be the first zombie movie played on a epic scale. This is the 'Empire of the Sun' of zombie films.” -de Soto to THR

Does he not just sound like a pompous prick? He just compared his unmade rip-off to a Steven Spielberg movie. F-. So look for this movie to be overly artsy in the worst film student sort of way.

I digress. According to THR, the cast added to the “zombie monet” is comprised of a few names you may recognize and a few you won't; starting with Rob Zombie veteran's Bill Moseley and the beautiful Danielle Harris, Jesse Corti, who THR found necessary to list as “Heroes” when he showed up in one episode, Joe Pilato who appeared in Romero's Dawn of the Dead in 1978, Alona Tal of the CW's Supernatural, and finally Cornell Womack from Rescue Me. I guess that's not as bad a place to start as it could have been.

Ever since this project was announced back in September, I haven't been able to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. Until I see something out of the Origins camp (terrible title btw) I'll remain woefully apprehensive about this project.

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