Sick of waiting to see The Chronicles of Narnia? Stop waiting and order Starz! I’ve you’re one of those cash lucky people with more than just basic cable, not only do you get to watch great shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, you get to see 9 minutes of Narnia before anyone else.

The Starz Entertainment Group announced today that they’ll be bringing Starz and Encore channel subscribers an exclusive sneak peek at the film on Thursday, November 24. The sneak-peek will include a 30-minute Starz produced feature on the film (which will hopefully end up on the DVD) and 9 minutes of actual footage from the movie.

If you’re not around the TV on November 24 (maybe you’re busy eating turkey), don’t worry. Since it’s cable, they’ll show it over and over and over again throughout the Thanksgiving weekend until you finally catch it.

Look for the 30-minute piece to debut on Starz at 6:30 pm and on Starz Kids & Family at 8:00 pm (Shouldn’t it be earlier on the kids channel??). The 9-minutes of footage will premiere on Encore at 9:45pm and then air on Starz and Starz Kids & Family ad nauseam.

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