A Cheese Grater Was The Inspiration For Shredder
Inspiration can strike in the weirdest of places and come from the most obscure of sources. Song titles, character quirks, even characters themselves can come from the most mundane of tasks. In the case of Kevin Eastman, he and co-creator Peter Laird created and refined the concept of Shredder during more domestic circumstances.
Peter & I were doing dishes one night. I was drying off a metal cheese grater and I turned to Pete and said, "Man, can you image a bad guy with one of these on his arm. He'd shred your arm off. We could call him the Grater." Peter suggested The Shredder. Absurd ideas can come from anywhere when you're dealing with TMNT.

Who would have thought that the Turtles' most fearsome foe would have come not from a nightmare, but from washing dishes? Even weirder is the fact that after that question, another fan got it into their head to ask whether Eastman would rather fight 100 turtle sized Shredders or 1 Shredder sized turtle. With probably the smartest answer to one of the weirdest questions, Kevin Eastman made a very shrewd choices.
I wouldn't want to fight either but if I had to choose - I would go with 1 Shredder sized turtle.

Did Eastman have a cameo in the new film? Read on to find out.

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