There are creative delays, financing delays and scheduling delays. Of the three, creative delays are by far the worst news for those eagerly awaiting the finished product. Not only does it call into question the quality of the product, but sometimes, it can even highlight all around apathy. That’s the case here as the 24 movie now looks like an unrealistic pipe dream.

Speaking to TV Squad, 24 producer Howard Gordon sounded less than enthused about bring Jack Bauer to the big screen. “The challenge is just not making it a movie for the sake of making a movie version of 24, but really having a compelling story.” He then dropped this depressing nugget, "The '24' movie is on hold for now, although conversations are ongoing."

Take what you will out of those quotes, but with no idea, a book and three new television projects on the horizon, the fast paced show certainly doesn’t seem a priority.

Don’t freak out though. As negative as this interview sounds, the producer did throw fans some positives. “I feel compelled by Jack, that Jack is still out there. I feel like I miss him.” Don’t we all?

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