When you were selling this to people, when you were finding out who was maybe going to buy this movie down the road, did you know that it was going to be lighter in the way, especially having put Greenberg out there and people not really knowing what to make with the tone? Did you know this was going to have kind of this lightness?
I knew, I was very clear form the beginning that I wanted, that the movie should really support the character in a kind of embrace.

And you knew who the character was by then?
Well, by the time we kind of knew, but I also knew because of Greta and I knew Greta was going to play it and I knew on some level, I knew what that would be. I mean, I totally didn’t know what that would be, but as the character developed because there’s a kind of hope and joy and she’s kind of just throwing herself forward no matter what. I felt like, that it was kind of like our job to make sure she was OK. So, it was kind of built into the material. Like with Greenberg, Greenberg has the movie that was right for Greenberg, you know? I, for me, that movie ends in a kind of hopeful way too, but it’s just a different path of getting there.

Well, it’s got to be a relief, I mean, you make Greenberg and Margot at the Wedding and people are just like, “I hate these people,” and then make a movie, not that you make it for what the audience is going to say, but knowing that you’re going to make people happy, like unambiguously happy has got to be some kind of relief, right?
Well, of course it’s nice, but for me, they’re both equally true. It’s a matter of emphasis, you know, the world is as much Greenberg somedays as it is Frances and I think it’s nice to be able to have a career where I can do both.

Well, I was one of the people trying to tell people to like Margot at the Wedding anyway, but, you know.
People are coming around.

Are they? Is there a second wave coming? You probably hear it more than anybody.
The thing about Margot at the Wedding, you know, you start to learn compliments per movie, like the things that people say per movie, but Margot is always, people always say, [heavy emphasis on the "I"] “I liked it.”

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