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The recent rumor about Bruce Willis meeting with potential directors for Die Hard 5 has turned out to be at least partially right: the lucky winner isn't Daniel Espinosa, as rumored, but Noam Murro, a director of commercials whose only feature credit is the 2008 indie Smart People. According to Deadline it was actually his commercial campaign for the newest Halo video game that got him the job at 20th Century Fox.

Willis hasn't yet signed a deal, but given that there's no Die Hard without John McClane and he's very publicly excited about the project, the papers should probably be signed shortly. I'm most interested to know how much impact WIllis actually had on the process of choosing a director-- Murro wasn't mentioned in the scoop Vulture had about Willis meeting with potential directors, but that doesn't mean he wasn't involved. Murro is something of a wild card, but is part of a long line of commercials directors who make the leap to Hollywood with a major action project-- hey, it worked for Neill Blomkamp on District 9. There's no start of production yet set for Die Hard 5, but with Willis turning 56 this year and not getting younger, it's definitely time to get those gears a-turnin'.

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