Red Eye
Red-eye flights are a particular brand of travel nightmare that can try the patience of even the most storied jetsetter. But this 2005 thriller by Wes Craven turned our blood cold by having sweet Rachel McAdams terrorized by Cillian Murphy's seat mate from hell. A long flight next to a stranger is a total crapshoot. Maybe they'll be a relentless Chatty Cathy. Maybe they'll smell unbearable. Or you know, maybe they'll be a complete maniac focused on destroying you and your loved ones.

How It Traumatized Us: Wasn't it enough to worry that the person next to you would be taking up more than their fair share of leg room or that they'd blast their music to an irksome level? Apparently not. Thanks, Craven.

Snakes On a Plane
Just when you thought you knew everything that could go wrong on a flight, this action comedy presents a scenario that the in-flight safety speech can't possibly prepare us for. Samuel L. Jackson fronts this flipped out feature as an FBI agent charged with getting a special witness to a crucial trial for a deadly crime lord. That is, IF he can survive a plot to kill the witness via spectacular air disaster. Not a man for subtlety, this merciless mobster unleashes hoards of deadly snakes to take down this flight. The witness is the target. Everyone else would be collateral damage.

How It Traumatized Us: We know it's totally preposterous. But fear is far from rational. So yeah, maybe we hear the hiss of the plane's air conditioning and have that fleeting concern "Holy shit, there's motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" Don't pretend it hasn't happened to you.

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