Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay
Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle had the titular two-some tearing it up in New Jersey. But in the sequel to that stoner comedy, these oft-high besties stumble into some serious post-9/11 paranoia while flying to Amsterdam. Racism makes them instantly suspicious to one easily affrighted white lady, but its Kumar's idiotic plan to smoke up on the flight that gets them both in hot water.

How It Traumatized Us: You know those friends who are a blast to hang out with but draw more trouble than shit draws flies? Yeah, we have 'em too. And this movie sent us on a spiral of imagined scenarios where their dopey shenanigans could get us tangled up in terrorism charges. Post-9/11 paranoia for all!

Almost Famous
There were loads of enviable experiences in Cameron Crowe's 2000 drama Almost Famous, a thinly veiled autobiography of his own teenhood as a flustered reporter for Rolling Stone. We wish we could frolic with Band-Aids and revel with rock stars whose music inspires us even as it pushes them to egomania. But there's one part of Stillwater's rock 'n' roll journey we'd gladly skip: their brush with death on a shaky flight.

How It Traumatized Us: Turbulence is unpleasant. The thought of an emergency landing is enough to make our palms sweat. But facing death and fearfully spewing out your most shameful secrets to your friends (or frenemies)? That's by far this scene's most terrifying element.

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