There are three moments a script on Hollywood's infamous "Black List" is guaranteed to experience. The first is when it actually makes the list, drawing the attention of script readers all over town. The second is when a studio eventually bites the bullet and options the script, because the next big thing is always just a step away. The third, and this is the make-or-break part for the script's lifespan, is whether the film is either dropped into turn around or put in front of the cameras. In the case of the terrorism thriller, Unlocked, the project is entering turn three, and according to Deadline, a steadily rising star is looking to join in on the fun.

Noomi Rapace (Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Prometheus) is at the bargaining table with producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura (of the G.I. Joe franchise) and director Mikael Hafstrom (of 1408 and most recently Escape Plan) to star in the thriller. Her role in the Peter O’Brien scripted film has been pitched as:
a female CIA interrogator duped into getting a terrorist to provide key information to the wrong side. It puts her at the center of a plot to launch a biological attack in London.

With 24 coming back for a new adventure in London this May, this could be a really good time to ride the new wave of counter-terrorism excitement into a near future production slot. (That, and the sooner a production schedule is locked, the sooner any conflict with Prometheus 2 can be remedied.) As far as Ms. Rapace is concerned, she’s still relatively untested as an action lead. To be fair though, she has been quietly building steam with her career, mixing in event pictures like Prometheus with under-the-radar pieces like Brian DePalma's Passion and potential Oscar grabs like Child 44.

She's shown enough range as of late that could work to her advantage when angling for a spot in this picture. With Hafstrom fresh off Escape Plan and possibly in the director's chair for this film as well, it could even be said that this is the type of movie that could break her career into the A-list. At least, that’s if What Happened to Monday? doesn’t get her their first.

The film is currently being restructured as an independent film, after being given up by Warner Brothers. With recent releases like Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Closed Circuit to their credit, indie studio Focus Features would seem like the perfect home for a film like this. No other details are available at the moment, as a deal is still being talked over and the synopsis isn’t to descriptive.

However, if one were to venture a guess as to what the tone of this film would be like, it could be a safe assumption that it would be something similar to the Angelina Jolie vehicle Salt, except maybe a little toned down in the action department. We’ll leave you with the trailer down below, so you can try to imagine a more toned down terrorist thriller.

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