All the boys may love Mandy Lane, but the Weinstein company isn’t too crazy about her. Shortly after finally sending out a little bit of promotional tools for the movie last week, the studio decided to drop All the Boys Love Mandy Lane from their schedule, just a week before the movie was actually supposed to hit screens on July 20th.

As The Hollywood Reporter points out, the move was rather predictable. There had been no real publicity for the movie and no trailers, although the material sent to us last week included a few stills, a poster, and a link to an exclusive trailer on another site, sending that material out a week before opening isn’t a good sign. Apparently part of the problem was a disagreement over how wide a release the movie should get. As we saw with Grindhouse earlier this year, it doesn’t pay to disagree with the Weinsteins over such things.

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane will still see theaters, however. Senator Entertainment has picked up the North American distribution rights for the horror flick and is scheduling an early 2008 release for the film. Senator already had the German distribution rights to the film, which they had previously picked up from the Weinsteins.

Not all is a loss for the Weinstein Company. In fact, they come out on top. Having already sold other territory rights (such as Germany), they sold the North American rights to Senator for what they paid for worldwide rights. That means they’ve already made a profit on the movie. And, they maintain home entertainment rights to the movie, so they’ll have control over the DVD release.

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