Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence
Anna Kendrick is probably the world’s greatest forensic arson investigator. She loves making references to books no one else has read and busting perps who mistakenly think they didn’t leave any trace evidence. Jennifer Lawrence is probably the world’s greatest arson cop. She loves hustling men at darts and trying to work in a horrible pun every time she puts a new suspect into her police cruiser. Emma Stone is probably the world’s greatest arson prosecutor. She loves building elaborate Rube Goldberg machines inside that room in her apartment no one else goes in and keeping her face expressionless while downing a stiff glass of victory scotch. Together, the women are (not probably) the greatest arson investigation unit in the entire world. They don’t fuck around when it comes to fires or being best friends forever, but after Stone gets put in the hospital following a hit and run and the moron regular cops turn up nothing, Kendrick and Lawrence decide to solve their arson cases as quickly as possible during the day in order to spend their evenings hunting down this vehicular menace. He might think he’s fireproof, but he hasn’t seen what happens when these ladies turn up the heat.

Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2
So far we’ve focused primarily on new potential buddy cop team-ups, but this was one we just couldn’t resist. After having previously brought together epic pairs like Mel Gibson & Danny Glover, Bruce Willis & Damon Wayans, and Geena Davis & Samuel L. Jackson, writer/director Shane Back struck gold when he cast Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer in the darkly comedic, noir-inspired Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The story of a small-time crook and a gay private detective who team up to uncover a conspiracy in Los Angeles, the film soared thanks to its two leads, who shared incredibly chemistry, pitch-perfect timing and a remarkable ability at getting their mouths around Black’s particular brand of dialogue. We would watch thousands of movies about the adventures of Harry Lockhart and "Gay" Perry van Shrike, and while the first movie didn’t exactly blow the doors off the box office, why not capitalize on the fact that Black and Downey Jr. just made the fifth highest grossing film of all time worldwide?

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