Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
Hollywood's most famous best friends haven't acted together since 2001's Dogma. Just think about how insane that is-- Matt Damon is famous as Jason Bourne and Liz Lemon's best boyfriend, Ben Affleck is famous as that guy who won a bunch of Oscars a few months ago, and the two of them have been famous as a pair ever since they hugged each other on the Oscars stage (see above). It seems insane that the two haven't paired up again onscreen, and while their Whitey Bulger biopic stalls out, why not put them together and tap into something that neither of them shows off enough: their sense of humor? The trick here is not to fall into the cliches about them, and actually allow them to riff on their own personas. Let Matt Damon take advantage of his family man reputation and play a small-town private detective, the kind of guy who investigates when cows go missing and when a man thinks his wife is cheating. Let Affleck make fun of the Bennifer days by playing a puffed-up, big-spending, big-city PI, who comes to Damon's small town when one of his marks seems to escape to the hinterlands. Put the two in charge of cracking the case, but make sure they hate each other so much they can barely get it done. Knowing about their famous friendship you'll know all along that they'll team up eventually… but who hasn't wanted to see Damon and Affleck spar a bit on screen? It's been way too long since Good Will Hunting. They owe us.

Liz Lemon and Sherri Shepherd
Sherri Shepherd made many great appearances on 30 Rock as Tracy Jordan's powerfully affectionate wife, but few moments were better than when she'd intimidate the hell out of Tina Fey's Liz Lemon, whose attempts to talk to Angie were almost always embarrassing. Now I'm dying to see the age-old tradition of buddy cops dealing with race issues tackle the thorny relationships between white and black women, and there's nobody better to do it than Fey-- who gets white female neuroses better than anyone-- and Shepherd, who's just straight-up hilarious in literally everything. The clip linked above pretty much gives you the dynamic. Fey is the awkward, bookworm desk cop who gets thrown into an investigation, and Shepherd is the streetwise detective resisting everyone's efforts to stereotype her as the "sassy black friend." It's basically the plot of Date Night, but with Fey and Shepherd running around New York City and a lot more awkward conversations about weaves and fake nails.

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