Escape Plan
Sylvester Stallone stars as a structural security adviser who has designed the world's most secret and secure prison only to be framed for a crime he didn't commit to be trapped inside it. To get out, he'll need his wits…and to team up with a die-hard criminal, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger; Mikael Hafstrom directs. Read our full review here.

Few adventure are as thrilling as tales of great escapes. For more tension-filled tales of captives breaking free, check out this trio that offers something classic, something crazy, and something for the kids.

Escape from L.A. (1996) In this sequel to Escape from New York (which is not streaming), Snake Plissken is hired by the president of a dystopian United States to sneak into Los Angeles, which has been divided from the main land of the US by a great earthquake and subsequently turned into a chaos-filled penal colony for America's greatest criminals. His mission is to recover POTUS's rebellious daughter and the doomsday device she's run off with before LA's residents make maniacal use of both. Kurt Russell stars; John Carpenter directs.

Escape from Planet Earth (2013) For something a lot lighter, try this animated adventure about the breaking out of physical bonds and the strengthening of brotherly bonds. Brendan Fraser lends his voice to Scorch Supernova, an alien and headstrong hero who rushes into the fray without a thought for his own safety. Thankfully, his brother Gary Supernova (Rob Corddry) has got his back when Scorch's signature spontaneity lands him in Earth's Area 51, imprisoned by the nefarious General Shanker (William Shatner). Ricky Gervais, Jessica Alba, Jane Lynch, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Craig Robinson co-star; Carl Bunker directs.

Lockout (2012) You think escaping from a prison on an island is hard? Try escaping from a prison in space. Guy Pearce stars in this insane thriller that has elements of all of the above escape-centric features. This out of this world thriller focuses on an innocent man thrown into prison for a crime he didn't commit, who is given a shot at freedom if he can recover the President's daughter who has been kidnapped by criminals so deadly they've been exiled to outer space. How haven't you watched this already? Maggie Grace co-star; James Mather and Stephen St. Leger direct.

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