Delivery Man
Vince Vaughn stars as a hapless underachieving man-child who must confront the possibility of fatherhood as he discovers his plethora of sperm donations have resulted in more than 500 children, 142 of who are seeking to get to know their bio-dad via lawsuit. Chris Pratt and Cobie Smulders co-star; Ken Scott writes and directs.

Before it was a New York-set comedy, Delivery Man was a French-Canadian crowd-pleaser called Starbuck. To celebrate its origins, we suggest that cheeky title as well as a pair of funny foreign features that also push their protagonists out of their ruts and comfort zones.

Starbuck (2011) Quebec-born Patrick Huard fronts this charming comedy as David "Starbuck" Wozniak, the lovable oaf whose identity is desperately sought by the press and 142 teenagers seeking to meet their biological father. A man-child who frustrates his girlfriend and only has a job because of his father's patience, David is not ready to face fatherhood. So instead he flirts with it, trying to intervene in their lives as a kind stranger. Julie LeBreton and Antoine Bertrand co-star; Ken Scott directs.

The Closet (2000) In this funny French feature, Daniel Auteuil stars as François Pignon, a divorced man considered uninteresting by his ex, his son, and his bosses at a condom-making factory. With his job hanging in the balance, this bland pencil pusher gets a second chance when a well-meaning neighbor starts a rumor that François is openly gay. Soon, he's a MVP at work, but it all depends on him keeping up the ruse. Gérard Depardieu, Thierry Lhermitte, and Michèle Laroque co-star; Francis Veber directs.

Happy Happy (2010) Set in rural Norway, this Scandinavian comedy centers on Kaja, the wife of a loveless man and a bullying child. But when a cool urban couple moves in next door with their adopted African son, a whole new world opens up to Kaja, who learns happiness can extend beyond her little home. This delightfully daffy film features infidelity, crude comedy, and a winsome sense of humor. Agnes Kittlesen, Henrik Rafaelsen, Joachim Rafaelsen, and Maibritt Saerens star; Anne Sewitsky directs.

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