Grand Piano
Elijiah Wood stars as a concert pianist who is returning to the spotlight five years after a flubbed performance derailed his career. As if nerves weren't enough to deal with, he takes to the stage only to discover a deranged audience member will kill him if he plays a single wrong note. John Cusack and Kerry Bishé co-star; Eugenio Mira directs. Read our review here.

There's a twisted kind of glee that comes from watching a frightening film that will mess with your mind. Embrace this mind-bending with a self-made marathon that features a DIY dentist, a tormented moviemaker, and one of the most terrifying serial killers to ever grace the silver screen.

Marathon Man (1976) Thomas "Babe" Levy was a mild-mannered New Yorker with an exotic girlfriend, a great education, and a jogging hobby. But when his spy brother rolls into town, Babe is violently thrust into a world of espionage, intrigue, torture and Nazi war criminals. Dustin Hoffman stars. Roy Schneider and Laurence Olivier co-star; John Schlesinger directs.

Berberian Sound Studio (2012) Critically heralded in its illustrious film festival run, this chilling film blurs the line between reality and art by telling the story of a sound designer working on a horror movie in 1970s Italy. While designing a creepy soundscape, his mind wanders to the skeletons in his own closet. Toby Jones, Fatima Mohamed and Cosimo Fusco star; Peter Strickland directs.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991) Few horror movies win the notice of the Academy Awards, but this one won five Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Director and Best Picture. Academy Award-winner Jodie Foster stars as FBI trainee Clarice Starling, who is tasked with interviewing notorious cannibal and master psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter in hopes he might help the authorities track down a deranged killer who skins his victims. Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins co-stars; Jonathan Demme directs.

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