Side Effects
In the wake of her husband's release from prison following a stint for white-collar crime, Emily shows signs of anxiety and depression. So, her therapist recommends a new drug that should help. But no one expected its radical side effects. Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Jude Law star; Steven Soderbergh directs.

Nothing is what it seems in this twisted psychological thriller. And if you can't get enough of mind-bending movies with pulse-racing plot lines, you'll revel in this threesome that involve deception, revenge, murder and more.

Silent House (2011) Starring up-and-coming indie ingénue Elizabeth Olsen, this chilling remake of the Uruguayan film La Casa Muda centers on a young woman who is plagued by malevolent intruders when she tries to help her father and uncle renovate their old lake house. Who is it that lurks in the dark and what do they want? The final reveal is as harrowing as the filmmakers' technique of affecting a real-time, one-shot look. It keeps you locked to this terrified heroine in an ordeal that is completely spine-tingling. Adam Trese and Eric Sheffer Stevens co-star; Chris Kentis and Laura Lau direct.

The Game (1997) Michael Douglas stars as a financier so wealthy he's desperately bored by his surroundings. But that all changes when his brother (Sean Penn) gives him a birthday gift unlike any other. What do you get the guy who has everything? A live-action game that will throw his whole life into spin. Obviously. Deborah Kara Unger co-stars; David Fincher directs.

Fatal Attraction (1987) Michael Douglas plays a family man who tries to take a vacation from his marriage with a one-night stand. Unfortunately for him, he chooses a woman for this fling who refuses to be ignored. Glenn Close became a cinema icon as the enraged woman scorned in this terrifying and erotic thriller. Anne Archer co-stars; Adrian Lyne directs. (Cinephiles, be sure to watch, then do the research on the film's original ending, which proved too troubling to audiences.)

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