In what looks like Men in Black meets Dead Like Me, a recently killed cop discovers there is an afterlife and those who refuse to play by its rules. Rule breakers answer to the Rest in Peace Department, an authority that makes him as their newest badge in the fight against the evil Deados. Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, and Kevin Bacon co-star; Robert Schwentke directs. (Read our full review here.)

Yeah, the plotline sounds totally bonkers. But would like anything else from a summer action comedy? How about some solid laughs and a cast with plenty of swagger? If so, we've got some pics that should please!

Mystery Men (1999) Imagine a world where not all superheros are created equal. Some are amazing, but others have very specific talents. They shovel better than any man you've ever known. They can turn invisible!...if no one is looking. Or maybe they are fantastically gifted at targeting their farts. These are just some of the talents of the Mystery Men, Champion City's last hope against a mad man called Cassanova Frankenstein. Ben Stiller, Hank Azaria, William H. Macy, Janeane Garofalo, Paul Reubens, and Geoffrey Rush co-star; Kinka Usher directs.

Shaolin Soccer (2001) Writer/director/actor Stephen Chow spun his love of martial arts movies into a wonderfully outlandish parody that centers on a soccer match like the world has never seen before! When a washed up soccer player meets a monk looking to inspire the masses with the power and wonder of his unique form of martial arts, it proves the beginning of unlikely revenge and life-changing adventure. Man Tat Ng, Wei Zhao, and Yin Tse co-star. Chow directs.

Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Just reading the name of this movie, you can probably hear its jaunty theme playing in your head. Eddie Murphy stars as big mouthed Detroit cop Axel Foley who chases down his friends killer to the sunny streets of Beverly Hills. He's a fish out of water. He's in over his head. And he's laughing all the way. Judge Reinhold and John Ashton co-star; Martin Brest directs.

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