The Last Exorcism Part II
As a teen, farm girl Nell Sweetzer was plagued by possession. Years later, she's working to build a new life, but the hold of the devil is not so easy to shake. Ashley Bell, Julia Garner, and Spencer Treat Clark co-star; Ed Gass-Donnelly directs.

Perhaps the world's oldest villain, Satan has been at the core of some fully frightening and entirely entertaining films. Whether he's testing the faith of a skeptical man of God, reigning havoc on Earth to prove God a fool, or inspiring seemingly lovely neighbors to commit horrific rituals, he's lurking and looking for the perfect angle to torment and terrify us.

The Last Exorcism (2010) Reverend Cotton Marcus is a celebrated exorcist, but he's confessing he's a fraud. To prove it, he takes a camera crew along with him on what will be his last exorcism. He hopes to show the problems that plague young Nell Sweetzer are just mental illness manifested or a purposeful hoax. But this crew witnesses such strange things, that even Marcus is forced to reconsider his beliefs. Patrick Fabian and Ashley Bell star; Daniel Stamm directs.

The Prophecy (1995) Unbeknownst to humans, a war has been raging in heaven over the eternal fate of mankind. Dark angels hate humans, and revolt against God's decision to allow them into heaven. Seeking to turn the tide in this battle, the dark angel Gabriel (Christopher Walken) travels to Earth to find the key to mankind's expulsion from heaven. Christopher Walken, Elias Koteas, Virginia Madsen, Eric Stoltz, and Adam Goldberg star; Gregory Widen directs.

The House of the Devil (2009) An homage to the horror movies of the 1980s, Ti West's devilish offering follows a college co-ed in need of cash who takes on an unusual babysitting job in a big, isolated house during a full lunar eclipse. Little does she know, this eccentric family is hiding an evil secret that will throw everything she knows into spin, and put her life at risk. Jocelin Donahue, Greta Gerwig, Tom Noonan, and Mary Woronov co-star; Ti West directs.

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