For years people blamed Oasis for being Beatles posers with their bowl cut haircuts and Fab Four-ish music. Then everyone forgot about Oasis because they stopped making songs anyone wanted to listen to. Now Liam Gallagher appears ready to keep the Beatles comparisons alive for a bit longer. The Hollywood Reporter has it that the Oasis frontman is working with Revolution Films to adapt Richard DiLello’s memoir, The Longest Cocktail Party, into a feature film.

The memoir is about DiLello’s time spent as a gopher for The Beatles’ Apple Records label during the late 1960’s. It gives an inside look at the group’s dealings with agents, managers and producers, their relationships both marital and extra-marital, the crazy parties, and the eventual breakup of the band.

Gallagher currently owns the rights to the book and, though by all accounts he’s a huge pompous ass, there’s no denying the guy worships The Beatles. He even looks like some weird, early Lennon and McCartney offspring mash up. He’ll work with producer Adam Eaton and director Michael Winterbottom (A Mighty Heart) to develop the film which will certainly shed more light on how truly crazy all The Beatles were at the time.

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