Sometimes when it rains it pours. Just this morning a huge list of potential candidates to play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot hit the web and included names like Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel, Dianna Agron, Malin Akerman, and Kristen Stewart (Update: latest word is she may be out). According to Latino Review, however, there was one name left off of the list. According to the site, Olivia Wilde is listed among the names being screen-tested for the highly sought after role. The source, who goes unnamed, comes from the production of Kin, a movie that Wilde is currently attached to, who says that the production dates may be pushed back if she lands the coveted part.

While I imagine that there will be plenty of people that argue otherwise (there always are when it comes to these kinds of stories), I really love this idea. Wilde already as geek cred after her performance in Tron: Legacy and also has the benefit of being both intelligent and drop dead beautiful. I liked the idea of Rachel McAdams getting the part, but I like the idea of Olivia Wilde getting it more.

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