Olivia Wilde is comfortable with casual nudity. If you’ve seen Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens or plan to see David Dobkin’s body-switching comedy The Change-Up, you either have witnessed or are about to witness the stunning actress in various forms of undress. But is she ready to make the leap to full-blown adult film star?

Get your mind out of the gutter. Wilde isn’t doing porn, but she’s contemplating playing porn icon Linda Lovelace in a planned biopic of the Deep Throat actress called, simply, Lovelace. E! Online says Wilde informed them that playing Lovelace on screen would be “a tremendous honor,” and she gushed about the actress’ unconventional career. But Wilde stopped well short of verbally committing to the role and actually added that she’s taking her time selecting her next few projects because she finally has earned a cache of professional credibility and would like to apply it wisely.

Surprisingly, Wilde would not be replacing Malin Akerman in the already announced Lovelace biopic Inferno (you know, the one that once starred Lindsay Lohan). Instead, this would be a separate, rival Lovelace movie. Dueling Deep Throat tributes? That’s infinitely cooler than the back-to-back Snow White productions that are making their way towards theaters.

As Wilde contemplates a Lovelace part, audiences can prepare to watch her romance Ryan Reynolds in The Change-Up, decipher The Words with Bradley Cooper, and churn Butter with Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner later this year. And guess what Wilde’s role in that Toronto-bound ensemble comedy will be? A stripper. There’s that casual nudity again.

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