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Though the first two Lara Croft videogame adaptations were largely despised by critics, we've been hearing talk for years about a reboot of the franchise. Names from Kristen Stewart to Kim Kardashian have been suggested to play the female adventurer, but nothing has ever come of any of the rumors. Now there's a new one to throw on the pile.

Gossip site The Fan Carpet has learned from a "source close to the project" (I wasn't sure there was enough of a project for a source to get close to) that Olivia Wilde is an actress now being considered to fill the brown shorts and green tank top of Lara Croft. The source also says that they are looking for a top tier director and script (aren't all projects?) and that the next installment would be "far darker and more serious." According to the rumor it is Wilde's role in Tron: Legacy that has begun to turn the heads of studio bosses.

I have absolutely no faith in this article and it is almost definitely wrong, but here's the bright side: I get to post a big ol' picture of Olivia Wilde at the top of this article. Let's hear the complaints.

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