Green Lantern, Green Lantern
Though Hanton's been mainly a Marvel man of late, he's also donned the duds of some DC superheroes. In 2011, he was a stunt double for Ryan Reynolds' titular hero in Green Lantern. Recounting one of the more complex stunt scenes in which he was involved, he explained how green screen stand-ins were used in conjunction with practical effects.

Hanton said: "I remember when we did Green Lantern out in New Orleans. At the party scene, the helicopter crashes and comes through and takes out tables in a party. That was just a huge green shape of a helicopter on a track, that was on a ramp that kind of runs. I think that was running like 40 miles and hour. So something coming at you at that speed and you’re getting hit by it and jumping out of the way and stuff like that is. It can be pretty full on and you have to be on top of it. Stunt guys have to be very much awake and look out for each other and stuff like that. So, when you see kind of shots like that sometimes it can be a mechanical bull if you’d like to call it."

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