Oren Moverman's directorial debut The Messenger did remarkably well for such a tiny movie, netting an Oscar nomination for Woody Harrelson and immediately turning Moverman into a director worth watching. And while Moverman presumably has his pick of projects and actors to work with next, he's sticking with his lucky charms from The Messenger. Production Weekly is reporting that Harrelson and Ben Foster may team up again with Moverman for Rampart, a crime drama based on the story by James Ellroy.

Variety has a few more details on the film, which will focus on one officer during the scandal of the 1990s, in which more than 70 Los Angeles police officers were accused of misconduct, most of them attached to the anti-gang unit. We all remember these as the Rodney King days, but presumably Rampart will go into even more detail about a police force that was widely perceived to be out of control at the time.

Presumably either Harrelson or Foster will be playing the lead character, and while it's fun to assume they'll once again be partners after their Messenger team-up, it would be much more interesting to see them as adversaries. Foster is famous for playing characters with a lot of pent-up rage beneath the surface, and it's not hard to imagine him as one of the officers on the Rodney King tape. Moverman's made such good choices with both of these actors thus far that, whatever he does with him, I'm sure it'll be worth watching.

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