I’m not going to pretend to be a Twilight fan to earn goodwill but, if I were a Twilight fan, I’d think this was pretty damn cool. Summit Entertainment is re-releasing the original 2008 movie.

Twilight will be back in theaters for one night only on November 19th, the night before the release of the next movie, The Twilight Saga New Moon. Since Twilight New Moon is sure to open in midnight screenings across the country, that means fans will be able to sit down and watch both films back to back. Sure it’s already out on DVD, but for fans caught up in the Twi-lust this is certain to be a must attend event. Best of all, it may not even cost much. Select theaters may offer tickets at a reduced price.

If this does well, don’t be surprised to see it become an annual occurrence, preceeding the release of each new Twilight movie. If fans support it, then why not?

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