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Back in December we learned that despite not being mentioned in the book, Legolas would be playing a part in Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Hobbit. The problem, however, is that as of January Bloom had not been officially signed on. Lucky for us, four months has proven to be more than enough time for that to change.

Collider recently spoke with Bloom who said that while things still aren't 100% official, the actor is confident that he will be seeing Jackson again. Saying that things are looking positive and that he can't talk too much about it, he did say that he has looked through the script and that he has to "grow [his] hair really long and blonde again."

It seems like Bloom is in the same position as Saoirse Ronan, who told me this past weekend at WonderCon that she's not yet officially signed on for a part in the film (though she also confirmed that there would be "a few new characters"). Production is already underway down in New Zealand, so let's hope it doesn't take too long for Bloom to get everything together so that he can start slinging arrows in Middle Earth again.