Could you just describe a little bit about slave motion camera, just in your words?

Essentially there's a green screen on one side of the studio with the dwarves. If I'm doing a scene with the dwarves, who would be probably at my waist height, there's a slave moco on one side where they're acting out and then I'd be on a set, or vice-versa, they could be on the set and I could be on the green screen slave moco, and the movements are mapped out and we will have done some kind of work leading up to that in rehearsal with doubles and with the actors, and then it all gets meshed into a computer and magically presented to you as two perfect worlds. I can't explain it any better than that, I'm so sorry. It's not my forte.

Does the playback when they put the two together help you though?

Yes. Absolutely, yeah for sure. At sometimes it's necessary to see and sometimes it isn't. It depends if... 'Cause you don't want to walk on top of somebody. Yeah.

I would imagine you would have to be very conscious of every little movement you make. Is it ever distracting, just on a technical acting level?

I have to say it isn't. Not at all. These cameras that they're using… We're doing handheld shots, we're doing over the shoulder shots, there's motion camera shots. When I did The Three Musketeers there were ginormous cameras to move around, but I think that was on film. This is digital and these Red Cameras, they're still somewhat bigger than the old film cameras, but they're managing to use them. They're small enough to be able to do everything that you would do with any other camera, and you don't act for a 3D camera, you act for a camera and the director creates shots that make that work. It doesn't change the process for me as an actor working in 3D or... No, it hasn't done it.

Because we know that Legolas and Gimli form this bond in Lord Of The Rings, does your dislike of dwarves in this, is it backwards acting to strengthen that bond by seeing how different he is?

Yes. This is a precursor and certainly you will understand where the rift has come from. Absolutely.

Do you return to your performance in Lord Of The Rings and play off yourself?

How do you mean, sorry?

Do you look at things that are locked in part of this universe and say, "If I act this way, given the full effect of watching all these movies, it'll mean something different."

Yeah, I don't over think what has happened. I'm taking really what has been presented in terms of the script and the story, and if it rings true to me and for the character, which it has done, 'cause as I said, the writers and Pete are very conscious of that, then I don't really have to over think it, because it was their intention to lay the groundwork that would play into a movie like Lord Of The Rings.

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