Amy Adams American Hustle
CONTENDERS: Amy Adams And Sandra Bullock
With all due respect to George Clooney, Gravity is mostly a one woman show, and considering it made an insane amount of money and won fans over across the world, you would think Bullock would be trending as the frontrunner. That’s just not the case, though. Apart from a few great monologues and some wonderful physical acrobatics, there aren’t a ton of showy moments, and with this level of competition, that hasn’t allowed her to nudge ahead of the pack, let alone distance herself in any way. Maybe if she had a few more chances to interact. Maybe if so much of the movie wasn’t life or death practicalities. Regardless, she should be really proud of herself for what she accomplished.

Amy Adams has a little bit of momentum thanks to her Best Actress in a comedy or musical nod at the Golden Globes. Obviously, American Hustle isn’t a straight up comedy, but it offers enough laughs to be classified as such at that ceremony. With everything combined together and all the other women suddenly added as competitors, however, getting over the hump is a hell of a lot harder. Besides, a case could be made that the sheer wealth of brilliant performances in that film, three of which were also nominated, serve to soften her brilliance a bit by obscuring how incredible she really is.

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