BEST ACTRESS: One ingenue to rule them all?
As the hubbub around Zero Dark Thirty's torture has died down, it took with it the momentum for Jessica Chastain, whose performance as Maya once looked like the film's best shot at an award. Now nearly all the buzz belongs to Jennifer Lawrence, but it's a curiously hollow kind of buzz-- do people really love Silver Linings Playbook and her enough to hand her this meaty prize? A strong number of the smart folks at Gurus of Gold are giving a strong edge to Amour's Emmanuelle Riva, who gives a flawless performance-- albeit in a movie, Amour, that very few have seen. Can a small foreign performance like that really step up and take over?
Our Bet: Lawrence takes it. The cards have lined up for her too perfectly, and Oscar sure does love its up-and-coming Best Actresses.

BEST ACTOR: Clothed in immense power.
Daniel Day-Lewis is going to win this. No one has really questioned it for months, as much as Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman may have their supporters. It's pretty hard to argue with this win.
Our Bet: Daniel Day-Lewis dominates the way Lincoln dominated those young telegraph operators.

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