BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: No one is killing the dream she's dreamed.
Anne Hathaway has been number one with a bullet in this category from the moment she was cast in Les Miserables, and in an exceptionally weak field of Best Supporting Actress competition, nothing has really happened to change that. Her biggest threat remains Sally Field, though it's hard to take that too seriously as a contest given the general loss of heat around Lincoln. At this point I'm already looking forward to Hathaway's flustered but somehow intimidating acceptance speech.
Our Bet: Anne has taken Oscar season in her stride, and it's staying there.

Oh boy. From the moment we knew this would be a category consisting entirely of previous winners-- the first time that has ever happened in Academy history-- we knew this would be a doozy. At the moment Tommy Lee Jones still appears to have an edge, having won SAG Award and most critics prizes, but there's plenty of chatter suggesting that can't last. Can an enthusiasm for Robert DeNiro's late career-- something we've usually just mourned?-- help him take this? Can the Argo surge sweep Alan Arkin up along with it? If Philip Seymour Hoffman got in there with a film that seemed so polarizing, could that give him an edge? And hey, Christoph Waltz won the Golden Globe! Honestly, I think most of that talk is just a way to have a conversation in an Oscar race that has dragged on forever.
Our Bet: Tommy Lee Jones might not be the most exciting winner, but he deserves it and he'll get it.

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