Channing Tatum
After becoming an enormous star in practically no time last year, Channing Tatum proved that he can not only be charismatic, but convince a lot of people to love him with just a single performance. And if Magic Mike didn't convince you of his skills in front of an audience, his brief pas-de-deux with Charlize Theron sure should have. Tatum is a gifted dancer and performer, and has the kind of personality that makes you root for him-- the opposite of, say, Seth MacFarlane. Sure, he's not a comedian, and would probably have to adjust the opening monologue to something more in his wheelhouse. But we'd love to see them shake up the format to allow for a movie star like Tatum to show off his dance moves on the Oscar stage.

Hugh Jackman
We get that he was too busy being a nominee this year for his work in Tom Hooper’s Les Miserables. And yet, Jackman’s presence was felt. He was impressive in that musical montage with his Miserables cast mates. He heroically sprung into action when Jennifer Lawrence stumbled on the stairs on her way to the podium to collect her Oscar. And he’ll be done with The Wolverine press with plenty of time to prepare for next year’s Oscars. It’s time that you had Hugh back on your stage, Academy. He did an admirable job the first time he hosted for you back in 2009. He deserves at least one more dance in the bright Oscar spotlight.

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