Emma Stone
At last year's Oscars, with Billy Crystal doing such an innocuous hosting job that nobody noticed him, the best 30 seconds onstage came from Emma Stone, presenting an award opposite Ben Stiller and charming the entire audience into submission in no time. Half the Internet was immediately calling for her to take over as host, and a year later that hasn't changed. Stone is an even bigger star now than she was then thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man, and if she can figure out how to avoid the "bubbly little girl" trap that Anne Hathaway fell into, she'd have us all eating out of the palm of her hand all night.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
The one that’s so likely to happen, MacFarlane even joked of its inevitability from the stage at THIS year’s Oscars. Life-long friends – and drop-dead funny comedians – Fey and Poehler destroyed at the Golden Globes, creating an airtight resume reel to show to the Academy. Yes, we understand your concern that the last time you tried two hosts, the audience endured Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin or, worse, Anne Hathaway and James Franco. These two are different, though. They have tremendous chemistry. They know how to playfully tease stars without stinging to harshly. They seem to excel at whatever they try, and they should try the Oscars, for all of our sakes.

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