The Oscar nominations went out this morning (read the full list of nominees here), and as usual, there are plenty of snubs and surprises to get worked up about. Everyone has a personal reaction to these nominations, and despite the fact that the nominees went largely as people expected them to, I found a lot to feel passionate about. Below are my 10 reasons to be thrilled about these nominations, and five reasons to be utterly horrified. Oscar giveth, and Oscar taketh away.

10 Things To Be Thrilled About...

District 9 nominated for Best Picture. Because it's one of the most clever sci-fi movies of recent years made for virtually pennies, and the Academy got over their longstanding aversion to sci-fi to recognize it.

Up nominated for Best Picture. Because it's only the second animated film in history to pull that off, and Pixar has deserved a spot at this table since 1995.

In the Loop nominated for Best Original Screenplay. Because it's wicked political satire and rapid-fire dialogue are unmatched in wit and wisdom, and more people need to know this movie exists.

Christopher Plummer gets his first Oscar nomination. Because his work in the movies has been invaluable, and Oscars are meaningless, but it's nice to at least acknowledge the guy exists.

Alexandre Desplat's Fantastic Mr. Fox work nominated for Best Original Score. Because he took what Mark Mothersbaugh did with Anderson's previous films and made it more childlike, more complex and more magical.

Christian Berger's The White Ribbon work nominated for Best Cinematography. Because the stark black and white images weren't just beautiful, but they mimicked the bleak nature of the story they were telling.

Transformers 2 only managed to get one nomination, for Sound Mixing. Because its version of shiny things blowing up wasn't nearly as nuanced as all its fellow nominees, and this movie does not deserve to be rewarded in any way.

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus nominated for Art Direction and Costume Design. Because the film is a mess, but it looks exquisite.

Leona Lewis's "I See You" snubbed for Best Original Song. Because it's no "My Heart WIll Go On," it's worse.

Janet Patterson's Bright Star work nominated for Costume Design. Because it's a movie about a woman who makes clothes, and they're absolutely gorgeous. The Costume Designers Guild snubbed Patterson, and the Oscars have righted a wrong.

...And Five To Be Horrified By

Maggie Gyllenhaal nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Because it's far from her best work, and her character represents a big gap at the center of an otherwise tight and well-executed film.

The Blind Side nominated for Best Picture. Because (500) Days of Summer, Star Trek, In the Loop, The White Ribbon, The Fantastic Mr. Fox etc. etc. were not.

(500) Days of Summer snubbed for Best Original Screenplay. Because its central time-shifting gimmick gave new insight about romance and relationships, and it was a crowd-pleaser that didn't feel dumb.

Matt Damon nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Because he's done so much good work that's gone ignored-- as in this year's The Informant-- and is now being nominated essentially for having good muscles and blond hair.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince nominated for Best Cinematography. Because it wasn't necessarily bad or anything, but did they see Bright Star? Or Nine?

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