The most recent rumor that next year's Oscars ceremony would be pushed up to a January broadcast was quickly squashed, but there still may be plenty of change a-brewing as the producers of next year's show, Don Mischer and Bruce Cohen, start planning the ceremony. The LA Times talked to Mischer about what he's got in mind so far, and he revealed that he'll spend the weekend analyzing the last 10 years of shows and going through the ratings minute by minute to find out what worked.

He also said that discussions about who will host have already begun, and "it's the No. 1 priority." And he revealed that there's already one name he expects to pop up: "I'm sure we’ll get a big push for Betty White. I can feel it coming." White, as you surely know, is riding a huge wave of popularity right now following her supporting role in last summer's The Proposal, a Super Bowl ad and a Facebook campaign to get her as an SNL host-- which she did to the tune of some of the show's highest ratings in years. Mischer said he thought White would be great in "some capacity" on the show but he wasn't sure if she'd want to host the whole thing, and given that even Hugh Jackman and Jon Stewart say it's grueling, I'm sure he's right. But White even managed to be great making an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards and will presumably still be hugely popular next February, so get ready to thank her for being a friend from the Oscar stage.

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