Universal's Ouija Board movie is still happening, believe it or not, despite the fact that Pierre Morel recently walked away as a director and left the studio scrambling to meet their Thanksgiving 2012 release date. While they try to court a helmer who could possibly bring in the same skill as Taken director Pierre Morel (it's not possible, I tell you!), the screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are being forced to answer questions thanks to their work on Tron: Legacy, and spilled a few Ouija-related details as well.

Talking to Assignment X, Kitsis and Horowitz referred to Ouija as "Indiana Jones-- that kind of tone. It's a big adventure movie." I'm not really sure why he didn't just compare it to Jumanji, since that seems like the nearest comparison, but I guess they don't want us remembering the primitive mid-90s CGI effects in the process.

Ouija is just one of the many projects Universal is developing thanks to their deal with toy manufacturer Hasbro, none of which have actually seen theaters yet (Peter Berg's Battleship will be the first out of the gate in May of 2012). We've still yet to tell if striking this deal with Hasbro will actually pay off for them, but an adventurous Indiana Jones-style movie seems like a pretty good bet. I'm choosing for now not to hold the lackluster script of Tron: Legacy against Horowitz and Kitsis, both because I like their work on Lost a lot and, well, they're getting a lot of jobs these days-- if every script is going to be as rough as Tron's, we've got a lot of incoherent blockbusters ahead of us. Here's hoping that one was just a fluke

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