There are two sides to every story, and who’s to say that the side we’re most familiar with is the better story? We’ve all heard some version of Sleeping Beauty — most likely Disney’s — telling the tale of a beautiful young princess who’s cursed by the evil Maleficent. This May, Disney will offer us an alternate perspective on one of its lead characters, as Maleficent tells the origin story of Sleeping Beauty’s villain, beginning with her idyllic upbringing in a peaceable forest kingdom and her land is invaded and she rises up to be its fiercest protector. The story eventually ties into the curse she puts on Aurora.

Is a villain origin story a better alternative to a live-action remake? Time will tell, especially if we find ourselves too-closely comparing Maleficent to either of 2012’s Snow White movies. This alternate concept is certainly a more original approach to tapping the well of fan favorites. Disney’s taking a chance in dipping back into one of their most beloved classics to tell this story, and we’re hopeful that Maleficent will, at the very least, do the 1959 classic justice. Angelina Jolie looks a mixture of stunning and terrifying as the title character, and her performance may very well help Maleficent meet its potential as a brilliant villain story. We can’t wait to find out.

Release Date: May 30, 2014

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