#2: George W. Bush
I doubt Raimi intends any kind of political commentary with this one, but as James Franco's Oscar offers a toothy grin and recklessly bestows nicknames to those around him—whether they like it or not—it was easy to spot a nod to our folksy former president, who had a reputation for his casual charm and penchant for peculiar nicknames.

#3: The Dark Knight
Much like Batman, Oscar is not a man of superhuman abilities, but needs to appear as such. To achieve this, both Oscar and Batman demand some mind-boggling gadgets to inspire respect and fear as needed. And both require a brilliant inventor to keep up with their high-flying imaginations.

The Dark Knight gives Bruce Wayne the R&D genius Lucius Fox; Oz the Great and Powerful gives Oscar Diggs a Master Tinker to construct not only the smoke and mirrors effects the Wizard uses in The Wizard of Oz, but also to construct an army of pawns, and a pivotal hot air balloon to perform Oscar's greatest trick yet!

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