#4: Little Shop of Horrors
Oscar comes across a lot of strange creatures in Oz, but one curious standout was a tribe of sneaking Venus flytraps with headlights for eyes. It's impossible to watch them creep up on Oscar and his cohorts without thinking of Audrey II and his growing and biting buds in Frank Oz's zany movie musical. We know Raimi has a soft spot for horror-comedy, so this allusion totally fits.

#5: Audrey Hepburn
While the fashion influences are all across the board in Raimi's Oz, Mila Kunis dazzles in a dress that seems inspired by this Golden Age ingénue circa Roman Holiday. In this sequence, Kunis is fresh-faced and optimistic, wearing a beautifully detailed gown, with a vivid red wrap and elegantly swept-back hair. She's clearly channeling the ever-innocent Audrey, making what comes next all the more disturbing.

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