"We have 37 different fonts that we custom made and designed for it," Yu tells me about Oz. Given six months to finish the project, and all of that based on seeing an extremely, extremely rough cut of the film, Yu and his collaborators are put in a nearly impossible position: imagine a key sequence for a film that even the director hasn't thought of. "It's really crazy, but we really enjoy it."

For one last glimpse inside the process of making Oz The Great And Powerful's credits, see a set of unused concept art for the opening titles in the gallery below-- including that contraband cloud imagery under Sam Raimi's name. You can also see the cyan and red outlines on the side that indicate how the 3D effect will be seen using those rudimentary paper glasses. Even though these credits aren't what was used in the film, you can see a lot of elements that carried through to the final product, including the visual strings and sticks to hold up the titles-- intended to evoke an amateur, small-town circus kind of feel-- and the hints at story elements, like the witch silhouette and the unicycle-riding monkey.

Compare them to the actual version of the credits when you catch the film, which is in theaters everywhere now. You can also see Yu's work on the sumptuous opening titles of Life of Pi, plus dozens of other films-- catch up on his full list of credits here.

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