I’m torn. The imagery that we’ve seen regarding Raimi’s Oz are so radically different from the original masterpiece, The Wizard of Oz, that I’m not sure the two films can be linked. If this is a prequel, it’s going to be tough to marry this lush, atmospheric world to the sentimentally chintzy production values of Victor Fleming’s 1939 classic.

And yet, obviously, if anyone’s going to bother resurrecting Oz, they’re going to put the digital tools of 2012-13 to good use. We’re going to get a fresh glance at the land of Oz in Raimi’s drama, and we’ll learn more about the magician (James Franco) who is destined to become the man behind the green curtain. “I start off as kind of a good showman,” Franco tells USA Today, “but I am bound by the natural laws of this world. I don't have fantastical powers.”

Can he help lift Oz: The Great and Powerful like a hot-air balloon heading into a tornado? Possibly. What do you think of the new images above? Share your thoughts with us below.

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