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The sequel to Pacific Rim has pretty much become synonymous with the phrase "development hell" over the last few years. Although Guillermo del Toro has continually insisted that the film would materialize, good news has been hard to come by for the project. Luckily, today seems to represent such an occasion. We’ve just learned that Pacific Rim 2 has taken a Kaiju-sized step forward by enlisting a new screenwriter to polish the script.

According to a recent report from THR, it seems that Pacific Rim 2 has brought screenwriter Derek Connolly on board. It appears that he will work alongside current director Steven S. DeKnight – who helped shepherd the first season of Netflix’s hit series Daredevil – with regards to fine-tuning the story and bringing the sequel to life. The report also confirms that Guillermo del Toro remains firmly committed to the project, albeit in a producing role, rather than as the film’s director.

As far as screenwriters go, Pacific Rim 2 could do a hell of a lot worse than Derek Connolly. The scribe cut his creature feature teeth on last year’s smash hit Jurassic World, and has since gone on to take jobs working on the sequel, Jurassic World 2, as well as the upcoming Kong: Skull Island. Basically, this guy knows his way around a monster movie, making him perfectly suited for the apocalyptic robots vs. monsters carnage of the Pacific Rim series; we fully expect him to bring these talents to the table when the Jaegers and Kaiju face off for round 2.
We’re incredibly intrigued by the notion of Derek Connolly signing up to work on Pacific Rim 2, but – as with all news – there exist certain caveats. It’s still unclear exactly how much work Connolly will add to the final product in the end. Guillermo del Toro, Zak Penn and Jon Spaihts have all taken passes at the script for the film, so we don’t know if Connolly has signed on to merely work on the story, or do a top-to-bottom overhaul of the script. The only thing we truly know is that this represents a step in the right direction for the long-dormant film.
With this newfound momentum, we very much expect to hear more about Pacific Rim 2 in the near future. We will keep you up to date with any and all updates related to the highly anticipated sequel as they become available to us.

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